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Nice to Meet You!

I’m a pretty open book and can’t wait to help make a difference in someone’s life.

Hey I’m Nora Warner!  I want to introduce myself and give a little background of who I am and where I’m from.  I am a thirty something year old, married to the love of my life and my best friend, and a mama to two boys.  One in heaven and the other in my arms.  I am blessed to have known and met my first son, Jack, and love that I have my sweet Cullen who makes me smile more than I knew was possible.  I’m also a working mama and my husband and I own a gym!! (I’ll get to this as quickly as I can!)

I grew up in North Georgia, raised by “Northerners”.  I’m not your typical Southern girl.  I excelled in school, especially in math and enjoyed participating in lots of sports.  I have tried and played almost every sport you can think of.  I truly enjoyed Softball and Track & Field the most.  Because I was good at math and enjoyed drafting in high school, I set out to go to college in 2006 to be an Engineer.  I got my degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology at Southern Polytechnic University, now currently part of Kennesaw State University in 2011.  From there, I got a job and started going to a gym since I had let being active disappear in college.  I loved getting to move and release those endorphins!

A couple years later, I was not happy at my current workplace was considering to look for another job and then out of the blue I had a recruiter call me about this company in my hometown.  I took it as a sign and went to the interview.  I was hired and have been at the same company since then.  They are a wonderful company and I’m lucky to be employed here.  I can’t believe it’s been almost a decade!  At the same time I was looking at buying my first house.  So after getting the good news of a new job in a “new” city, I found a house close to work.

Now what was important after my move was to find a new gym!  I had been going to a globo gym and participating in the Les Mills group classes.  They were fun and my cardio was fantastic.  But with my new job meant a little raise too, not to mention my mortgage payments were less than my previous apartment rent, so I started looking at CrossFit gyms as well as globo gyms.  Well it turned out that there was a CrossFit gym super close to me.  So I had to check it out and was willing to pay for the coaching I was going to get.

The first day going to the gym was scary.  I can be shy when it comes to meeting new people.  I went in and there were people throwing weight overhead and all sorts of stuff going on.  I was supposed to meet with the owner but he was out of town.  I talked to someone and did a free class and thought it was fun so I signed up.  The next day I was in I got to meet the owner!   I’ll have to tell this story in more detail.  But long story short, after meeting him and getting to know him, we started dating, ended up engaged and married!  So the gym I happened across became my gym too.  Life is pretty crazy right?!

My husband and I got engaged in 2015 and married in 2016, in our gym actually!  We were lucky to get pregnant in 2018.  We had our first son on January 28th, 2019.  There was labor trauma and unfortunately we lost our son Jack 5 days later due to all the complications.  I will definitely go into more detail later but it was the best and worst 5 days of my life.  I got to meet him and love on him but having to let him go is still something I deal with constantly.  Then we were happy to find out in July of 2019 that we were pregnant again.  It wasn’t exactly planned but we were happy about it!!  We welcomed Cullen to the world on March 7th, 2020 after a crazy delivery, going from breech to head down, then to inducing and getting to have a vaginal delivery again, which helped me feel empowered but this time getting to bring my baby home.  I will definitely share Cullen’s birth story later as well!

During all this time, I came to love CrossFit and the gym. I loved the people there and was making friends. I seriously loved learning all the new movements I did not know. And then probably a year into my membership I realized I really enjoyed helping newer members. It felt good to help others. I wanted to start coaching! I decided I was going to take the CF Level 1 Course. It was an amazing experience. I started interning at our gym, and then finally was able to coach a class by myself. Let me tell you I was nervous! Again I can be shy, especially when put in front of others. But after the first class, it became less and less scary and I enjoyed it more and more. I coached a lot. Over the years of coaching, I continue to learn and want to know more so I can help clients do better. I have taken many more courses and enjoy continually learning! Before I got pregnant I took a BIRTHFIT course and just started geeking out over all the information I was given. I was ready to coach anyone through any part of their motherhood journey! It’s been a wonderful journey as a coach so far.

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