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What is Sweet Mama Fitness?

I created Sweet Mama Fitness so I could help women through the motherhood transition. What is motherhood transition? I consider it to be preconception, pregnancy, and through one year postpartum. I think our society does not put enough emphasis on educating women about motherhood transition. We seem to get the very quick run down of how it works. Like get pregnant, to the doctor, don’t lift anything more than 20lbs (insert eyeroll), and go to the hospital when your ready to give birth. Otherwise it’s all taken care of. But what if you knew what each choice/option meant for you? And what if you knew the best practices for working out through your pregnancy and postpartum? Our society has even created a lot of fear around pregnancy and birth while trying to minimize what it means to be postpartum after having a baby. Tell me what mama doesn’t know that? This is what I want to change! I want to help women move better and feel confident in all these stages of life. I have lived it twice and I have experienced the good and the bad. But for the most part, I felt like I had a great understanding of what was going on and felt heard and acknowledged by my team of providers.

And as a woman who was terrified about getting pregnant and having to birth a baby, I found books about birth to read. Then I took a BIRTHFIT coach’s course all about training women through the motherhood transition. I started to understand what it meant to birth a baby and what I needed to do physically but also how I needed to mentally prepare for birth. After all that, I was able to have two unmedicated births and feel empowered by it all. I want to help you feel prepared and empowered through your motherhood journey.

I am available for wellness consultations or personal training. The wellness consultations are sit down meetings (or virtual) to discuss your goals and devise a plan to get to your goal. Whether that means helping you get to goal weight before or after baby, improving a pelvic floor disorder like incontinence or separated abs, or just get healthier and moving more. I hope to be able to help you with any of these!

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