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The Number on the Scale

The number on the scale does not determine your happiness or self-worth.  I’m not sure who needs to hear this but it’s true! It’s been on my mind a lot lately. Not sure if it’s new people I have followed on social media or what but it seems people get stuck on that number, especially the mamas.  It is not the only gage you have to figure out if you are progressing towards your goals.

For me, the number on scale stopped being something I paid attention to a long time ago when I began my fitness journey. I started to look at myself in a mirror and observed how I felt as a gage on how I was doing. My health and well being became more important to me than a number. Fitness and training had a lot to do with this too because most of my focus was directed towards what my body could do instead of how I looked.  Just before getting pregnant, I weighed 20 lbs more than I did in high school but it was because I had worked to gain more muscle to be stronger.  BUT I was happier, looked and felt better.  So numbers are just that, numbers.

Now here I am in my postpartum body. After two, almost back to back, pregnancies, I’m just about back to my pre-pregnancy weight. But let me tell you, my body looks a whole lot different than before. I tried my best to eat well to nourish my body but I’m human and indulged from time to time.  I didn’t workout like I thought I would but I did continue to move throughout my pregnancy.  All good things and I did by best and I’m ok with that.

Now my body composition is different. There is less muscle and more fat. And you bet I struggle with that for sure. (I’m working on being more accepting of myself too). I also haven’t been ready to get a little more strict with my nutrition.  I keep telling myself that this is a season of life. I stole that from a good friend of mine and she’s right. It’s only temporary. Love yourself and your body. It did amazing things! If you want to make changes then start taking steps in that direction. Small steps are better than no steps. Am I right?! (I guess I may need to take my own advice there)  But don’t focus on that scale! Focus on your health, nutrition, and mindset.

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