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June 2021 Life Updates!

With life becoming so crazy lately, my blogs that I wanted to post have gone to the bottom of my to do list.  My next one will be continuing on suggested guidelines for training while pregnant during 20 – 32 weeks gestation.

So what has been going on? We recently moved from Pendergrass, GA to Cleveland, GA! We decided even though we both LOVED our home (seriously it was amazing), we did not love how busy the area we were in was becoming. So we started looking for a place in the northeast Georgia mountains. We thought why not live in a place we love to visit all the time anyway. We wanted more land and a little less house. We got super lucky and found a home in Cleveland which was close enough for our commutes to our jobs, it’s a bit longer but doable. AND you cannot beat the views on the drive into work. The mountains are so beautiful. We are off the beaten path on a dirt road. You can’t hear any traffic. It is glorious! We have almost seven acres now. We live in a legit cabin with a pool out the front, along with a guest house on the property. The pool is awesome and has a slide. Now we have a spot to cool off in the HOT Georgia summers! We plan to list our cute guest house on Airbnb. I mean you can’t beat passive income. I cannot wait to share this little beauty too.

Sunset views from our pool!

Now our home is beautiful. But there is a LOT of dark stained wood throughout it. The previous owners had the whole thing stained before listing it. The lighting is not great either. I mean there are fixtures that aren’t working and light bulbs out where we can’t reach, along with really outdated light fixtures. So we are working to get it all fixed and looking at some new fixtures to update the cabin and bring into the 21st century. I can’t wait to show the before and after photos. I have already missed some before photos, so I am working on that! We had the kitchen cabinets painted because they were Oak, that practically blended into the walls… Let me tell you, having those cabinets painted made a world of a difference. Again I believe the cabin is beautiful, but all the wood everywhere blends into itself and, in my opinion, isn’t appealing to the eye. You can barely tell where one wall begins and ends. So we are adding paint here and there to create more visible lines and contrast to enhance the beauty of the cabin! It’s an exciting process to make a house into your home.

Take a look. We just moved so it’s kind of a mess right now. 😜 But the cabinets are beautiful!

During this time, there were the norms of being a mama, helping to run our gym, and my full time job. I ended up taking 4 days of vacation for the move. It really took a full week to move all our stuff!! We had a lot of stuff. The other good news, is that we are under contract with our home in Pendergrass so that has made us feel much better that it all is moving along. It’s kind of scary to have to mortgage loans at once. Yikes! We have that closing scheduled for the beginning of July.

About mid month, I finished up a course to coach Mindset Training. I’m SO excited to be able to offer this course to our gym members and really anyone else who is interested in it. The course helps you to learn how to maximize our ability to be fully present, positive, and productive. If you’re interested please email me! This course can be done all online in Zoom meetings. And it can be done in a group. This means you can work on improving your mindset with like minded people. It can be a lot of fun!

I’m glad to be back to a somewhat normal schedule after our move.  There are still quite a few boxes to unpack but we are working on it.  I’m still trying to figure out when I have time to work out during the week.  It’s become a lot more complicated with limited time in the evenings with the longer commute. I know I will figure something out but I’m being kind and understanding to myself as much as I can right now.  As for those of you who are reading my blog, thank you for following along as I figure this all out and I hope I can help you in some way!

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