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What is Fertility Awareness Method?

What is Fertility Awareness Method (FAM) and what does that have to do with FEMM Certification?!  Well FAM is something I use to avoid pregnancy without hormone contraceptives. Let me be very clear, this is NOT Rhythm.  The FAM method is an amazing tool that can help you avoid pregnancy but can help in conceiving, and also help find/determine issues with your cycle and hormone levels.  It is amazing stuff!  Once I learned about this method, and that it came down to pretty much taking my temperature everyday, checking my cervical fluid and then charting those, it seemed well worth trying! I honestly was upset that we are not taught this when we, ladies, first learn about our cycles.  We could have had a true understanding of our cycles but also our BODIES!  We would know when something is off and what normal really is.

I started digging into how I could teach FAM and found FEMM which stands for Fertility Education and Medical Management.  This certification seems to make the most sense for me and my future goals for training and working with women through the motherhood transition which I believe to be preconception through postpartum.  I have some big goals for next year and I’m so excited to be on this path working towards it.

This FEMM course takes roughly 10 weeks to complete.  I hope that I can do that which would put me completing this course by the end of November.  Through this course I will have to find 5 women to work with and teach FAM and how to use it.  If you are interested in working with me please let me know!  Please email me at

With the FEMM certification, there is a point where if there are hormonal imbalances, I can refer to a physician who is certified in FEMM.  Their certification is much more in depth on how our hormones work, how they communicate to the body, and how to treat the root causes of the issues presenting.  I have reached out to a GYN office that has multiple physicians that have this certification and cannot wait to network and work with them in the future!  They are doing awesome things themselves.  They aren’t too far geographically which is a bonus but they offer telehealth also.

Have you struggled with the side effects of hormonal birth control?  Are you thinking about trying to get pregnant and you aren’t sure where to begin?  Then I would highly suggest investigating FAM and what it’s all about.  A great book is Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler.  That is the book I started with and have taught myself how to use it!

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