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Training 32 – 39 Weeks Pregnant

Boy oh boy, am I behind but now I am creating a new improved blog schedule I can stick to now!  Let’s get into this!

What do we focus on when we get towards the end of our pregnancies when it comes to training?  First and foremost, you need to look at your volume of what you are doing and make sure it’s not too much understanding that you will most likely be going into labor during this time frame.  It could definitely be later than 39 weeks but you also hope to be as close to full term as you can be! You don’t want to be sore or tired from lifting too much or too heavy, too close to labor.  The goal during this time of your pregnancy is to conserve your energy for labor.

Depending on how many days you are training, you want to try to get at least two days of squatting.  That doesn’t mean you need them to be weighted.  It could be that you work on air squats.  Squatting is so good for you during pregnancy.  It gets you stronger in that position.  The squat is such an efficient position when it comes to labor and birth to help bring your baby down during the transition period but it’s also a great position to birth a baby too!  So we want to be strong in this position.  Now if at any point you feel pain in a squat, that is when you would need to modify what you are doing for a squat, or consult a coach on what you should do.  But also that would indicate you most likely need some type of body work to address the pain you are experiencing.

We also want to stick with strict movements in general.  I think of movements like the press and sumo deadlift as amazing movements during this time.  These movements keep us strong even with lowering the weight and volume.  You can also still do some interval training as long as the total volume is not too much.  You have to stick to the first part of the training guidelines.

For the runner specific, again if you are not an Olympic athlete, you should be sticking to either walking or sled dragging depending on the distance you are doing.  Walking is a GREAT option in general during this time.  It is so very great for your hips!

For weightlifting specifically, your focus is position!  Position is everything.  You need to be focused on your core stability and your breath as you move through any technique work.

As always, if you have questions, reach out to me at

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