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March 2023 Updates. What’s been going on?!

Life got pretty crazy towards the end of 2021 for our family. We had some things change for us that made it possible for me to leave my 8-5 as an Engineer to work at our gym full time in October 2021. Has it been butterflies and roses since then? Of course not. But I am so freaking grateful for the opportunity to be able to! I get to be with my son much more than I did at my 8-5. And I will also admit the last 6 months for me has been hard just because the toddler stage has been hard for me.

My son Cullen is amazing and a typical toddler. He just turned 3 on March 7th this year! It makes my heart happy and sad all at the same time. He is my baby and will always be my baby but I know these days of snuggles and wanting me all the time will disappear sooner than I am ready for. I admittedly am the one who struggles the most with his reactions, his constant need for me, and his outbursts. My past and childhood does dictate a bit of my tolerance levels. But I constantly working on coping mechanisms for myself in order to be the best mom and person I can be.

Where I truly struggle, is coming from a background of not being allowed to express myself and my emotions as a child and not exactly supported in the way I should have been. Not getting those skills as a child, makes it much hard to display that to my child. If you know what I’m talking about, I feel you so much and know you are putting in the work just as much as I am. I have more good days, but my bad days are tough. The biggest work is to make sure my cup isn’t too full and give myself opportunities to rest and reset for Cullen. This journey of motherhood is constantly changing and ever evolving. It so wonderful and so hard all at the same time. I wouldn’t change a thing!!

I also believe that my history of losing my first son Jack days after his birth, constantly puts things into perspective for myself. All I wanted (and still wish for) was to be able to have the time and see Jack grow up. But that would have meant going through this process of raising a toddler. In some ways, it does keep me grounded in remembering this is what I wanted. This is motherhood and it’s not easy but it is so worth it. 💙

Bringing it back to the change of working at our gym Max Kane Health & Fitness. I love it but I have had to adjust my expectations of myself and learn to create my own schedule. That has been a lot for me. It took months to find a good flow and it still is ever changing. But I do know and have learned I truly love coaching and helping others.

My husband and I are really figuring out what we want our gym to look like in the future and how we truly want to help people in the world of health and fitness. We are constantly taking continuing education courses that are about more than just fitness. My husband is in a Functional Medicine course, is a Massage Therapist, as well as a very seasoned strength coach. I have 8 years of coaching under my belt, have taken a programming course, am very passionate prenatal and postnatal training, and diving into how our hormones come into play! We believe you are always learning and never know everything. When I say we want to be subject matter experts, I’m not kidding. And we got to go to SWIS Symposium in October 2022.

We are enjoying our house up in Cleveland, GA. We are constantly working on projects around the house. It’s an ever constant journey as well. But we are enjoying the process. Our Airbnb Guesthouse is another fun journey we are trying to make flourish. If you ever need a getaway to the foothills of the Appalachians and want to visit Helen, GA or Dahlonega, GA we are smack dab in the middle of both. Cleveland is beautiful with so much to do!

I plan to get update blogs posted every few months. As well as a goal to do a blog post a week. Life and the schedule got away from me. Not anymore!


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