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Childbirth is a Natural Process but what changed?

Childbirth has changed dramatically over the last 300 years. Once considered a natural process that was attended by midwives, childbirth has become heavily medicalized, with most women are now giving birth in hospitals under the care of obstetricians. But what led to this change, and what can we learn from the history of childbirth?

Historically, childbirth was considered a natural event that was attended by midwives. Midwives were typically women who had experience in delivering babies and providing care to new mothers. They would help women during pregnancy and childbirth, and provide postpartum care for both mother and baby. In many cultures, midwives were highly respected and valued members of their communities.

However, the rise of modern medicine in the 19th and 20th centuries brought about a shift in the way childbirth was viewed. Childbirth began to be seen as a medical event that required specialized care, and obstetrics emerged as a new medical specialty. Hospitals became the preferred location for childbirth, and midwives were gradually replaced by obstetricians. Did you know that the word “obstetrician” was formed from the Latin meaning “to stand before”? The work obstetrician means to observe. But the actual role or how an obstetrician is trained to intervene constantly during a women’s labor.

While medical intervention in childbirth can be lifesaving in certain situations, the medicalization of childbirth has also led to a number of negative consequences. Many women report feeling like their birth experiences are overly medicalized and impersonal, and that they are not given enough control over their own bodies and decisions. Additionally, the high rates of medical interventions like inductions, epidurals, and c-sections have led to concerns about overuse of these interventions and their potential negative effects on both mother and baby.

So, what can we learn from the history of childbirth? One lesson is that childbirth is a natural process, and that women are capable of giving birth without medical intervention. By looking back at the traditions of childbirth in other cultures, we can gain a greater appreciation for the natural process of childbirth and the role of women in this process. We can also see the value in providing care that is personalized, supportive, and empowering for women during pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period.

At Sweet Mama Fitness, I believe in taking a more holistic approach to pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum care. I recognize that every woman’s journey through pregnancy and childbirth is unique, and that the process should be personalized and tailored to individual needs and preferences. I provide evidence-based information and support to help women make informed decisions about their care, and offer a range of services to support women throughout the childbirth and postpartum periods. Whether you’re looking for prenatal exercise and training, some childbirth education, or postpartum support, I’m here to help you have a positive, empowering birth experience.


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