Hey I’m Nora Warner!

I’m a thirty something mama who loves coaching! I have been through two pregnancies myself, including losing our first son, Jack, due to labor trauma. And our second son, Cullen, who through us for a loop with presenting breech before having him flipped before labor. I have also been coaching for around 7 years with multiple coaching certifications. After completing a BIRTHFIT Coach Seminar in 2018, I was hooked. I loved all the information I learned about training women through motherhood and what it means to prepare for it all. I wanted to know more! So I continually read and research as much as I can, so I can be as knowledgeable as I can for current or future clients.

I am based out of our gym Max Kane Health & Fitness in Flowery Branch, GA. My hope is that I can educate and help women through this blog post. Follow me on any of my social media platforms as well! Go to my Contact Page.

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