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Infant and Pregnancy Loss Resources

There are lots of resources for a Baby or Infant Loss and I want to share as many as I can here. The list will be continually updated.

My Favorite Book

My most favorite book that helped me was called “Ask Me His Name” by Elle Wright. She does an amazing job telling her story. But it’s helpful as the parents to hear they are not alone. And if you are a family member or friend, I believe it is helpful to try to understand where we are coming from and how we can be supported.

BIRTHFIT Infant Loss Plan

I cannot say enough about BIRTHFIT but they offer a free Infant Loss Plan for if the worst were to happen. They have this located on the bottom of their website to download. So here is the direct link for you. But I hope that you will never need access to this document.

Molly Bears

Molly Bears want you to be able to hold your angel baby. They make personalized bears that weigh as much as your baby or babies that you have lost. They have a wait list but it’s so very nice to have something like this after you have lost your baby.

Star Legacy Foundation

Star Legacy is an amazing resource for families that have lost babies. They have many resources not just for the parents but for the family and friends of their loved one’s. It helps everyone with how to navigate their loss along with Support Lines and Groups.

Pregnancy After Loss Support

Pregnancy after loss is a unique experience of grief and joy that requires recognition from family, friends, peers, and professionals.

PALS supports courageous mamas pregnant again after a loss through connection with peers, awareness in the community, education of providers, and advocacy around the world

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