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Prenatal, Postpartum, and Everything in Between.

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The first workshop will start this April 2022! The New Mama Recovery Series is an in-person series, you will: πŸ’œ connect to your breath and body. πŸ’œ feel empowered and confident in yourself. πŸ’œ physically heal after birth or pregnancy/infant loss. πŸ’œ begin and/or return to functional movement. πŸ’œ find emotional support and connection to other new mamas.

Requirements: πŸ”Ή Non-mobile babies are welcome! πŸ”Ή No previous fitness experience is necessary. πŸ”Ή You will need to be at least 6-8 weeks postpartum but can be up to 12 months postpartum or beyond.

Wellness Check-In

Do you need to create a plan to help you reach your goals? Do you need guidance in either exercise or nutrition and/or have any general questions answered about preconception, pregnancy, labor/birth, or postpartum?

Personal Training

Do you need one on one training, receiving undivided attention and direction? Do you need help reaching your physical goals? Do you need help preparing for labor or recovering during postpartum?

Pregnancy & Postpartum Wellness Package

Do you need wellness plan throughout your pregnancy as well as through your immediate postpartum? What do you get with this package?

  • Four-five 30 minute check-in’s throughout your pregnancy
    • Check in on how are doing
    • How to customize your workouts
    • Answer nutrition questions
    • Determine out how you want to FEEL during labor/birth
  • Three 30 minute consultations after birth of your baby
    • Check in on you and how you are handling motherhood
    • Tips for physically recovering
    • How to navigate self-care

Personal Programming

Let me know your goals and I will write a program for you!

Mindset Coaching

The course takes 8-12 weeks to complete and involves 8 face to face sessions and daily work on your mindset.

I define mindset training as maximizing our ability to fully present, positive and productive. Mindset does not guarantee success, nothing does. BUT an improved mindset increases our odds of success. What an effective mindset means we know why we’re doing what we’re doing, able to bring our best effort and attention to the action, and ultimately self-assured regardless of the outcome. 

I believe that Mindset is key to helping mamas throughout their motherhood journey. The journey is such a big shift in life that it would only benefit working on improving your mindset.

You are worthy of making space for yourself and your health.

β€” Nora Warner

What service are interested in? Just sign up for a free consultation!

β€” Nora Warner

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