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Prenatal Vitamins

I would always suggest that anyone considering trying to get pregnant to start taking prenatal vitamins 3 months before you plan to get pregnant.  That may not always be the case but that would be what I want you to shoot for.  If you start before you get pregnant, you will already be consistent with taking them and you are preparing your body for conception.  I believe that you should also consider what prenatal vitamin you take very seriously and do your homework.  I’m going to share the brands I like and would recommend!  These are in no particular order.


I highly recommend Thorne when it comes to vitamins in general.  Their mission is to redefine what it means to be well and continue to push the limits of human potential.  The quality for the ingredients they use is above and beyond what most supplement companies use.  They invest in comprehensive testing, sourcing the highest quality ingredients, and create the cleanest manufacturing process to provide top notch products for you.

Prenatal Basic $27 or subscribe and save 10 % per month

  • Pros: Clean and reliable product. 3 pills a day so that’s not too bad during the first trimester. Affordable in comparison to other high quality prenatals.
  • Cons: No Choline and K2. These vitamins can be easily consumed by eating eggs and dark leafy greens! Also missing Omega’s but they have a great option you can add with their Omega Plus.


I took this one through most of my first pregnancy.  It was a lot to take in the first trimester just because there are 7 pills per pack but it’s a high quality product that has been tested, the ingredients require more than what is standard in the industry.  I love a brand that is about quality and science!  That is why I recommend their prenatal.

Plus One Prenatal Daily Packs $90

  • Pros: It comes in a daily pack that has all your vitamins so super easy to grab and go.
  • Cons:  This ones is definitely more expensive. Contains synthetic Vitamin A and B12. There are 7 pills to take, so in the 1st trimester this might be difficult to take all of them with morning sickness. But you can try and spread them throughout your day to help with this!


I have ordered a sample pack and super excited to try this one myself.  I would love a little bit of a change in my prenatal vitamin routine while I continue to breastfeed.  I love their story of two women that realized after nutrient testing, that with their food choices it still was not meeting their needs.  They discovered most women have nutrient deficiencies along with most prenatal vitamins that don’t include all the nutrients needed for optimal nourishment.  So they started Needed to meet their needs and every mama-to-be needs.  They researched and created a quality product!

Prenatal Multi $69.99 OR subscribe and save $10 per month

  • Pros:  Powder form which means easy to consume and digest.  Can be mixed in a smoothie!
  • Cons: The prenatal does not have iron in it but they do have a separate iron supplement because they know everyone’s iron needs are specific to each person.

Smarty Pants 

I have and do take these.  I have been because I take a lot of other vitamins daily.  So I wanted a break for even more pills.  I like that their ingredient sourcing is transparent and easily found on their website.  They also have a screening process to verify the purity and potency so they are giving the highest quality ingredients they can.  And a big thing is that they state there are no junky binders or cheap fillers which is super important to me in a gummy type prenatal.

Prenatal Gummies $25 (can subscribe on Amazon)

  • Pros:  Easy to consume especially when you are nauseous due to morning sickness. Yes they taste yummy!  They are affordable.
  • Cons: Added sugar of 6 grams per serving which is 4 gummies.  That does add up to a lot of sugar over your entire pregnancy, like about 5 pounds.  So that is a big consideration to take in, especially when it comes to gestational diabetes. 

If you can tell the common factor of these prenatal vitamins that I recommend is that they are companies that hold high quality standards for their ingredients and products.  The best thing you can do is to make choices that make sense for you and where you are at in your journey.

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